Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Wedding Speech Delivered by the Bride :: Wedding Toasts Roasts Speeches

Wedding Speech Delivered by the Bride You may well be wondering what the Bride is doing making a speech. Well, those of you who know me well, know that I always have talked too much and usually find a way to get my two cents worth in so it probably is no surprise! I also wanted to say thank you to those deserving in my own words. When I met Ray, I was totally off men and relationships, so it is a more than a little surprising to find myself standing here just under two years later! I have my sister to thank for this remarkable conversion, as she was the Cilla Black wannabe who got us together – with all the subtlety of Blind Date I might add. Her favorite trick was to invite Ray to come for drinks with her and I and then suddenly â€Å"remember† she’d left the iron on or hadn’t fed the cat or any other such nonsense. Of course this was highly embarrassing and cringe-making but I am so very grateful to Donna for knowing us both better than we knew ourselves, knowing that we should be together and putting us in each others’ lives. She has been a great Bridesmaid and she has helped a lot over the last few months; not least in the organisation of a top hen party - the details of which follow the time honoured code of â€Å"What goes on tour, stays on tour†! Donna not only is the best sister a girl could ever have but she is also my very bestest friend and has been my idol since I arrived in this world. Thank you so much for everything, not least for loving me. This is just a small gift as a token of our love and appreciation. While I am on thanking there are a few more that I would like to do and I promise to be brief! Firstly thanks to all of you for coming and thank you for the wonderful gifts – we’ll look forward to opening them when we get back from honeymoon. I know that most of you took time off work and travelled a long way to be here and I want to say how much it means to us to share our day with the family and friends that love us. Sadly not everyone could be with us and I would especially like to mention Ray’s Grandfather, George who sadly passed away last year and my favourite Aunt, Auntie Kissie who has been very ill and wasn’t well enough to make the journey.

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