Saturday, December 28, 2019

A Time Of Uncertainty For Louisiana And Its Budget

In a time of uncertainty for Louisiana and its budget, citizens are looking for answers and solutions to the budget crisis left by the past Governor, Bobby Jindal. The news sources, for the past few months, have been informing residents in the state of what has been taking place in the special sessions for the budget purposes and the propositions that have been brought before the house and the senate as solutions. Taking a look back at the time before Governor Bobby Jindal ever took office, it was recorded that the state was at almost $2 billion dollars in the black. With Governor Jindal out of office, the newly elected Governor, John Bel Edwards, has stepped into a catastrophe of budgetary issues. According to the Guardian, Louisiana is†¦show more content†¦Some of the proposals in his plan are to cut spending to TOPS and to make cuts to health care for the funds used to go to major projects and to be spent more efficiently. The cuts to higher education of about 10 to 12% w ill impact the numbers of universities and colleges who will open their door in the fall. This cut will also affect students who are on TOPS simply because the scholarship only applies to schools in the state of Louisiana. Student will have even less incentive to stay in the state. An increase in taxes and other funding mechanisms are being added to the mix to change the grim look of the future. But could it be that the legislator is looking at the wrong source for budget cuts and cost saving ventures. The effects of exemptions show to be a large revenue loss that seems to have gone untouched by the legislator. In a time where people are looking for answers, considering the effects that exemptions have on the Louisiana State budget could potentially show additional measures of cost saving. The tax system was created as a way for the government to raise revenue and provide services on the behalf of those who pay those taxes. The burden of the level of taxes paid by the citizen seems to continue to increase, but the purpose of tax exemptions, according to the Louisiana Budget Project, is to encourage certain activities-such as economic development, the hiring and training of the unemployed, and the development of low-income housing. The

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