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Entrepreneurial Finance Adidas

Question Discuss about theEntrepreneurial Financefor Adidas. Answer: Background of the Venture Adidas is a multinational German corporation that manufactures and design shoes, sportswear, accessories, clothes, and much more. It is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria. It is the largest manufacturer of world and second largest manufacturer in Europe. Adidas is a holding company of the Adidas group that is consists of Reebok Sportswear Company. It is an Australian fitness technology company whose revenue was 14.88 billion in 2012. The company was registered in 18 august 1949 by the Adolf Dassler. The business rival for this company is puma (Adidas-group. Com, 2015). Five Sources of Venture Financing and their Eligibility Friends and family- It refers to contacting your close ones to arrange funds for your venture. Friends and family tend to be the best source of investment. Government funding- Government funds refers to the funds and money raised from the government bonds, commercial papers, etc. It is a legalized way to generate finance for the business. Bootstrapping- It is the most effective way to finance the venture because in this method budget and revenues. Credit unions- Credits unions are the banks but they are the financial bodies, may be private or public, depend on the nature and types that provided short term or long term finance to new entrepreneurs and venture businesses. Angel investors and venture capitals- Angel investors are the high-net-worth individuals who are eligible to provide money to the individuals who are in need. They provided money to business start-ups, entrepreneurs, venture business, etc. (Adkins, 2016). In this particular case, the best all the source will help the company to meet the financial requirements of the company. Friends and family will help in the collection of the funding source as it becomes easy for the companies to trust on them and the amount of interest is also less as compared to other sources. Government funding is beneficial due to the amount of risk involved in it. The risk factors are very less in government funding. Bootstrapping is less beneficial for Adidas as the company is unable to manage the funds by itself (, 2016). There are advantages and disadvantages of raising funds from government funding. If we observe, the government funding provides a good amount of monetary rewards in just one time proposal. The government grants are prestigious, less risky and effective for the business (, 2016). Naive Forecasting Method to Forecast the Ventures Revenue over the Period of three Years It is a technique used by Adidas in which the actual values of last periods are used as the forecast of present period without making any changes and adjustment. They are used to establish casual factors. This method is used to forecast and compare the actual data with the last period data (Sorescu, 2003). Fundamental Analysis Method to Forecast the Ventures Revenue over the Period of Three Years This method is used by Adidas to analyze the intrinsic value. It is done through measurement of financial, economic, qualitative and quantitative factors. The main goal of this analysis is to create a productive and qualitative value so that an investor can compare the price of security whether it is undervalued or overvalued (Dial, 2000). Yardstick Approaches to Forecast the Ventures Revenue This method is used by Adidas to solve multiple problems at a time. In this approach each problems have a solution with effective recommendation. In other words, it is a way to find best solution for all the possible solution and then it will be fitted in the solution (Kuratko, 2005). The Difference in Outcome and Provide Arguments to Choose for Either one of These Forecasting Methods In my opinion, the fundamental analysis method is the best suited method for Adidas. Because it will let Adidas know about the intrinsic value though analyzation of economic, financial and the other related factors of qualitative and quantitative. It observes everything that directly or indirectly affects the commodity and security value of the company. It looks after revenues, earrings, assets, debts, price to earnings ratio, return o equity ratio, dividend yield, etc. (Carpenter, Petersen, 2002). Valuation From an Entrepreneurs Point of View The entrepreneurs of Adidas brand tries to connect with their customers. The identity of the brands is very famous. The portfolio of Adidas is very strong and unique. They cater their customers. This company is the fastest company in regards to speed and delivery. The portfolio of this company is designed in a way that it is very helpful to the customers and stakeholders (, 2016). Valuation from an Investors Point of View The investors of Adidas are very optimistic. The Adidass price-to-earnings ratio has closed the margins with the Nikes. It was a very good sign for the investors point view. The price of earning ration of Adidas is rising day by day. Assessment of Valuation The overall growth of the company is good but still this company is lacking in the sales. The company is involving in new items to increase the level of sales in the company. The company is focusing on the innovation part to attract the potential customers (De Bruin, 2007). Overall valuation Equity value(in euro, ) Share price (in euro, ) Weight (in euro, ) Discounted free cash flows DFCF 26.893 128.54 60% Dividend discount model DDM 31.941 152.67 10% Average comparables COMPS 16.047 76.70 30% Weighted valuation 24.244 115.40 The Companys Post-Money Valuation with the Pre-Money Valuation Both the pre-money valuation and post-money valuation is similar, the difference is in the time of valuation. The pre-money valuation value the company before it has the external financing or any latest financing. The post-money valuation refers to the lasts injection of capital or after the company gets the outside funds. The valuation methods used by the companies directly and indirectly affects the financial position of the Adidas. The percentage of stock and other inventory can be affected by the valuation method as pre and post money valuation are different and gives different results while applied due to the money or amount being invested earlier or after the company. The ownership of the entrepreneur is also varied in both the cases as many of the values do not included in the pre-money valuation method (Brush, Bruin, Welter, 2009). Evaluation of the leverage that the obtained investment has enabled the company Financial leverage of a by Adidas refers to the stock and fixed income securities of the structure of this company. Financial management in Adidas is very relevant as it helps in maintenance of funds. The stock valuation of Adidas is very prominent as they have a highly-regarded managers and executives in their company. There is a lack in the sales of the company, due to which the working capital requirements cannot be fulfilled. They generate capital from the management of working capital calculations. Working capital= AR + inventory AP. References Adidas-group. Com, (2015). Accounting and annual audit, [Online], accessed on: 14 November 2016, Available on: Adkins, T., (2016). The optional use of financial leverage in a corporate capital structure, [Online], accessed on: 14 November 2016, Available on: Brush, C. G., De Bruin, A., Welter, F. (2009). A gender-aware framework for women's entrepreneurship. International Journal of Gender and entrepreneursh Carpenter, R. E., Petersen, B. C. (2002). Is the growth of small firms constrained by internal finance?. Review of Economics and statistics, 84(2), 298-309. Dial, J. (2000). Entrepreneurial growth through privatization: The upside of management buyouts. Academy of Management Review, 25(3), 591-601. De Bruin, A., Brush, C. G., Welter, F. (2007). Advancing a framework for coherent research on women's entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship theory and practice, 31(3), 323-339. Kuratko, D. F. (2005). The emergence of entrepreneurship education: Development, trends, and challenges. Entrepreneurship theory and practice, 29(5), 577-598. Sorescu, A. B., Chandy, R. K., Prabhu, J. C. (2003). Sources and financial consequences of radical innovation: Insights from pharmaceuticals. Journal of marketing, 67(4), 82-1. W.,, (2016). Adidas AG success story, [Online], accessed on: 14 November 2016, Available on:, (2016), history of Adidas, [Online], accessed on: 14 November 2016, Available on:

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